Thursday, 16 July 2009

Partying 25/8

God I am knackered. I have been burning the candle at at least five ends recently and the amount of Asti I have drunk in the line of duty would float a small to medium sized flotilla.

Yesterday was particularly busy. First off, there was a BUBB board meeting, where as usual I faced all sorts of awkward questions from the trustees. "Why did you do that?" "Why did you say that?" "Why on God's earth did you blog/tweet that?"

Our new chair, Mary-Lou Havagander, is getting into her stride though I must admit I hadn't got the foggiest what she meant when she started gabbling on about a veneer of transparency and shades of grey, unless it was plans for the development of a new see-through gamp for the accountancy profession. And we will certainly be marketing that.

Hector thinks she was in fact referring to trying to find a way of making it look like the activities of BUBB are open and accountable to all, while allowing us in reality to get on with whatever we want in secret without answering to members and the public. This could be very useful if say, for example, any journalists stared sniffing around my expenses again. I am all for paying lip service to the principles of transparency so this veneer could be priceless.

In the evening we had the BUBB birthday Party, traditionally held on St Swithun's Day, and as usual it was a right old tear up. The announcement yesterday by the government that they are finally consulting on plans for the Umbrella Bank added to the celebratory tone.

I don't know if I have mentioned the Umbrella Bank before, it's not something I like to go on about, but basically it is a bank which would lend umbrellas to chavs in deprived areas, such as Cambridge, naturally. It would be funded by the millions of unclaimed umbrellas that are left on trains, in restaurants etc every year.

I have spent today nursing my cheap fizz induced headache and writing submissions to the consultation under a variety of assumed names. Most of them make the suggestion that Umbellabuilders should run the Umbrella Bank, though for balance I have drafted a few that say BUBB should. That way, I am covered wearing both of my hats and no one can accuse me of any conflict of interest.

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