Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Everywhere you look there are cuts. Spending cuts, job cuts, cutbacks, back cuts. Soon we will be back to the 70s and have power cuts, cut flower cuts and even cut cuts. This is of course all the fault of the bankers who should be cut painfully. Their cut throat attitude in the cut'n'thrust world of finance (more tickle gullet and snip'n'splutter now) has cut us all adrift.

Cuts everywhere. Even I was accused of being a cut the other day (I think that is what the bloke said) and I have had to substantially remodel my jib after one of my trustees told me that he didn't like the cut of it.

But in the midst of all this cutting there is one key debate that needs resolving in umbrella land. I'll cut to the chase - is carrying an umbrella unmasculine? This has all been triggered by some cutting remarks that Tiger Woods received at the rain drenched US Open golf last month, after he made the cut. When he used an umbrella one inebriated fool yelled: "We're on Long Island, baby, where men are men! Put that umbrella down!" (I cut and pasted the quote from the original article).

And the guy writing here has also put up with some abuse over his manhood (another name for a chap brolly).

These blokes have the right idea. Embrace the rain, use umbrella, watch football, drink beer. Even if one of them did rather ruin it by knocking his pint over while balancing his brolly.

I ask you, how can anyone question that Alpha males do carry gamps when you can take a picture like this (or should I say that)? (Thanks to Hector for his).

Some say that the first cut is the deepest but that isn't always the case. Whatever, enough I say. Cut it out. Masculinity is not about brollies. It's about cuts. Haircuts.

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