Thursday, 23 July 2009

Keeping it in the family

My niece Mimi Bogg is on holiday out in Ibiza getting trashed. She sent a postcard home and without any sense of shame or respect for her privacy I am going to repeat what she wrote here to really embarrass her:

"Yesterday was incredible! We woke up late with banging headaches and some lads we met from Rotherham were crashed out on the floor of our apartment! Then we drove to the waterfront where we got on the booze cruise, and there certainly was a lot of booze! And THEN while we were all watching the sunset enjoying our drinks, it started raining and all these umbrellas suddenly appeared! However, I had left mine at the airport so I got soaked! (Uncle Robin, I bet you're so angry!)"

Other than that, BUBB has been working hard to develop what we patronisingly call our Northern office. By using a vague and sketchy geographical device to cover a lazy stereotype of coal smudged working class umbrellas we can pretend that we are not just a London-centric organisation.


  1. Robin you are a genius!

  2. I am just doing what I do. But you are very kind. And correct of course.