Tuesday, 14 June 2011


I was so excited about going to number 10 that I forgot to give this post a title.

What a drag. You have to leave your phone at the door when you go into No 10. And I really wanted a photo of Cameron et al pretending to listen and care about me banging on about MY report. That's right. MY report. No one else's. Not that it is a vanity project.

I woke early. A fretful night. Nervous. Trying to work out what I'd be saying. And what not to say. But once I was in that Cabinet room I got wind and I was off. No wonder Nick Clegg looked a bit pasty.

I thought Lansley was looking relaxed and good in his skin. Or perhaps it isn't his skin. Perhaps he's had some gratis cosmetic surgery from one of the private firms who stand to gain so much from his ideas. Though surely the only reason he is still in the Cabinet this week despite MY report undermining his own work is that the rubbish is still only collected fortnightly.

As I said to the Prime Minister " competition is not a disease". And if it was you would only be able to have it treated if you can afford to pay.

“The NHS belongs to the people”. These stirring words from the NHS Constitution have been forgotten by some of the loudest voices in the debate about the health service. Including me as I didn't bother speaking to any normal people, choosing instead to cite figures from surveys others had done a while ago, where the results stemmed from what may or may not have been leading questions.

Crucially, the important thing about MY report, as I also said to Dave, is that is MY report. And worth a peerage. At least.

Funny to see a number of attacks on me in the press and wider social media recently prior to MY report being published. I was gravely insulted by one that referred to me as a "health expert". I am no such thing. Why would a health expert be asked to write MY report on the NHS and competition?

I have also been accused of supposing to speak on behalf of the whole umbrella sector on the role of brollies in the health reforms. What nonsense. I haven't spoken on behalf of any of it. Just on behalf of myself. With MY report.

I was also compared to Simon Cowell in the Observer, who made some ridiculous claims questioning my various conflicts of interest. I have no conflicts of interest to declare other than that if I did declare all of my conflicts of interest there would be a conflict with my own interests. If the Simon Cowell thing was supposed to be a jibe they got it badly wrong.Simon Cowell has been responsible for foisting a huge amount of pain on the public through poor quality products. I'll happily live with that.

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