Sunday, 12 June 2011

Thanks for nothing Canopy Awards judges

There I was trying to bask in the glow of completing my NHS report and having finished my last shift at the hospital (846 hours, 14,012 bed pans) when once again the judges of the Canopy Awards ruined my good mood.

Yes, I have inexplicably been overlooked for the outstanding leadership prize again. Instead it went to Sir Rob Old, a worthy enough winner to be sure for his work sending red British brollies overseas, but hardly a leader in the same way as me (but then, no one is). He wasn’t even asked to provide impartial feedback to the government on the NHS, for example.

I guess being controversial (a loose cannon gobshite) means I tend to be regarded as a dangerous choice for such prestige. But I've always been proud BUBB is seen as an " edgy" dynamic body that is not afraid to be out in front in a leadership role whilst others sit it out trying to work out which way the wind is blowing. BUBB likes to make the wind blow (I blame all that couscous), even if that sometimes means destroying poor, small umbrellas at the expense of big ones. A good strong noisy wind is what gets me noticed. These Knighthoods don’t bestow themselves. I am like a hurricane, breezily tearing about the place, blowing hard and leaving a wake of destruction for others to clean up (along with the debris of over-laboured metaphors involving wind).

Still I was cheered to see the Archbishop of Gamperbury (a fellow Blacbury resident. He buys his chicken drumsticks, lamb's hearts and bacon mis-shapes at the same butchers that provided the liver and tripe for Cameron’s recent barbecue with Obama) slag off the Coalition. There is absolutely nothing wrong with him attacking the fact that the government has no mandate to make some of the changes it is planning (aided my me on the NHS ones) even if his mandate to speak out comes from a mythical God.

Also amused to see that someone else has been taken in by my spoofer Sir Stephen Bubb with this post. It's amazing how many people are fooled by this very clever and amusing lampoon of my own colourful existence. Of course if there really was a person like Sir Stephen it would be beyond a joke as we all know so I guess the fact that he is almost believable should actually be a concern.


  1. I was there on Thursday night but saw no sign of sir S. in the Great Room - obviously knew that he wasn't going to win so didn't show up. Mind you it was so dark and loud in there ( think dodgy nightclub setting and you won't be far wrong !) that you couldn't tell who was there so pretty useless for Sir S if he wanted to do more networking. Francis Maude managed to stand out by a) being late and b) by wearing a lounge suit and blue tie ( to a black tie event ! - the oik !!) I noted that the Red Cross had two tables at the event - at a cost of what, £2,500 per table ( money well spent ?)so perhaps that may indicate why Sir NY won the leadership award rather than Sir SB ?!

    Sir Bumble of Heep

  2. Sir Robin Bogg15 June 2011 at 12:23

    He was there in all of his white dinner jacketed glory. My Great Aunt Maud was a disgrace. And to be fair, I doubt the Red Cross paid for those tables themselves.