Sunday, 19 June 2011

Dust settles on MY report

I'm not sure the full impact of MY report on the NHS is yet fully understood, let alone its conclusions. Or ever will be (especially by me) as I expect it will just be ignored and left on a shelf, gathering dust while the Government ploughs on regardless .

The press coverage has mainly been that MY report says "it's no to privatisation". Actually no one ever suggested this. It's a crazy idea. No to privatisation? Bollocks to that. Clearly, it's yes to privatisation but under a smokescreen of language about competition. It's all about driving up standards by letting private sector companies compete and come in and drive up their profits while lowering the standards they are supposed to be driving up especially in the areas where there are no profits to be made. Or something like that, it's all very confusing.

Anyway, I myself have decided to cash in on MY report and have managed to get Amazon to make it available for the Kindle. But the cheeky bastards are selling it in the fiction section.

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