Monday, 21 December 2009

The power of online campaigning

Some of you may have seen the media excitement about this year's battle for Xmas number 1. Not since St Winifred's School Choir hymned the virtues of Grandmas has there been so much resting on who would gain the coveted seasonal single bragging rights. Basically, an online campaign run through forums and twitter was established to stop evil Simon Cowell's hand-held X Factor winner gaining top spot for the fifth year runner by virtue of people being too stupid to realise that vapid karaoke was not the real deal.

The logical alternative was to suggest a song by radical noise merchants Rage Against the Machine (Killing in the name of) as a witty riposte. So it boiled down to buying something cos its singer won X Factor and we are all sheep or downloading something cos an organised campaign told us to. Plus de la difference or something. And I dunno what people were supposed to do if they liked them both (unlikely admittedly).

But the campaign worked and was hailed as a victory for people power and nu-media and real music - a nod to the days when the Xmas number 1 was about quality and proper artists such as Bob the Builder and Mr Blobby and Cliff and need I go on? Apparently nearly 50 people who downloaded the RATM ditty actually listened to it and 14 quite liked it.

Therefore I have decided to establish a similar campaign to try and influence the result of this year's Premiership. I am fed up with Chelsea or Man Utd winning simply by virtue of having the cash to buy better players. I think if we harness the collective power of twitter etc we CAN elevate the Oxford United (naturally) team from 1992/93 to top spot in English football's elite league. Look at their squad here. People like Jim Magilton can still cut it I am sure with twitter behind them.

And then after that we could perhaps use this new found combined muscle to influence things that really matter.


  1. You had me at "vapid karaoke".

    That said, you have to be careful with 'People power', as it can run away with you: and you end up with 'Jedi' being declared a religion on the Census forms; the reinstitution of hanging; and The Wombles being made the Royal Family.

    And watching neither football nor X-Factor, I've viewed this entire event with mild bemusement.

  2. You seem to be a shrewd observer of the brolly scene but your commonplace name is not familiar to me. Have I ever met you?

    PS The Wombles are already the Royal Family, aren't they?

  3. Yes Robin, we follow each other on Twitter - my name's on my blog.

    Merry Christmas mate - have a good one!