Tuesday, 15 December 2009

I'm going on tour

I am pleased to announce the dates for my 2010 UK tour, The Big Arse. The letter I sent out yesterday (see below) contains all of the details. Souvenir tour T-shirts, umbrellas and copies of my Xmas single (with the Umbrella-ella-ella Boggaoke remix as a b-side) will be available to purchase at each venue. Dates for my European tour (Le Grand Derriere) and my World tour (Big Arse Goes Global) will be announced in the New Year.

Brolly leaders


Invitation: The Big Arse Tour

I would like to invite you to join me at a meeting of umbrella sector leaders taking place in 2010. This meeting is part of ‘The Big Arse’ tour, during which I will meet with brolly sector leaders throughout the UK, to hear their ambitions and concerns for the year ahead, and show off my new scarf. Members of BUBB are welcome to attend, but Dylan Twirley is not.

The recession posed many challenges for our sector in 2009 though not as many as I claimed it would. We must now look forward to the year ahead, the obstacles that may come our way and the prison contracts we must seize. We are entering a period of dramatic change, with public spending cuts and a General Election in sight. It is now critical that there is a voice and support for gamp sector chief executives.

Dates and Locations

Butlins, Weston-super-Mare 09 February 2010
Well Oiled Brolly Tavern, East Lambeth, London 10 February 2010
The Civic Society Hall, Wolverhampton 11 February 2010
The Barbed Insult Inn, Diss 18 February 2010
St Boloc's Student Union bar, Oxford, naturally 19 February 2010
Some shithole or other in Cambridge 34 February 2010
The Rotary Club, Blacbury 09 March 2010
A random working men's club, The North 10 March 2010
(Hector is doing this one, it's too far for me to go to)

I look forward to seeing you at a big arse gathering near you.

Yours in brollies

Robin Bogg

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