Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Letter to the Chancellor

Robin Bogg, Notdunpourin’ Cottage, Blacbury, South Blacburyshire, England (the South of)
Plus 260 BUBB members (names and addresses supplied)

Dear Alistair

This chain was started in the hope of bringing prosperity to you within three days (post permitting). Make 260 copies of this letter, leaving off the top name and address and adding your name and address at the bottom of the above list and mail to 260 of your friends to whom you wish prosperity to come.

In omitting the top name, send that person (£5) wrapped in paper, as a “charity” donation (gift aided, naturally), and in turn, as your name leaves the top of the list, you will receive loads of letters and lots of cash which you can invest in the brolly sector, which really does do a fabulous job.

Have faith and do not break the chain or you will receive the most terrible luck and will probably lose the election. Read carefully and take a chance. I did.

Please hand this to another friend (if you have any) if you do not wish to continue this chain.


Chief executive, BUBB

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