Monday, 16 November 2009

The Boggfather

Did you hear me on the radio on Saturday evening? I was discussing the topic that I can't mention any more, excessive salaries, on Gorgeous George Giveaway's lively show on Talk Shite radio. He called me "Capo dei capi" - boss of bosses. So Dylan Twirley and Donnie Fiddly and Lotte Shight and anyone else who crosses me had better beware. For I am the Boggfather, Don Boggi. I'll make them all an offer they can't refuse, such as borrowing an umbrella from me when it's raining. I keep my sworn enemies close, and everyone else closer. Capiche?


  1. Boss of Bosses! Pah!
    This must just be a sneaky way for those in power to have an excuse for talking to you (someone so far removed from the real business of umbrellas) and thereby avoid speaking to the real top brains in the umbrella sector; those that actually do some worthwhile stuff (make umbrellas, sell umbrellas etc). Although not quite self-appointed in your role I assume that your fellows in the gamp arena didn't actually vote you in in any way (shoe-horned in by some faceless headhunter like Donald Holding presumably).
    Hardly striking fear into the real bosses in the umbrella sector, more like despair at your personal pronouncements and ludicrous posturing?
    Talk Shite radio was probably the most appropriate outlet going...

  2. Yep, that pretty much covers it