Friday, 6 February 2009

TV crimes

Once again it appears that the humble umbergamp has been treated less than fairly by those over-paid so called entertainers in the media. Before Xmas the whole country got itself into a collective lather when, on air, Ross and Brand abused a venerable 78 year old umbrella which had starred in Fawlty Towers (you can see it in the umbrella stand in the hotel foyer during the Waldorf Salad episode). Some might find it funny to poke fun at this poor brolly's relations (apparently one of them has a see through lining and will open for anybody) but I don't.

And on Wednesday night's Relocation Relocation on Channel 4, apparently Phil Spencer is filmed accidently destroying his blue and white pannelled golf number when miscalculating the width of a gateway whilst using said piece. It's not so much the pain to the umbrella - my members have learned to suffer hardship over the years - but the fact that the whole episode is then reduced to a "bit of a laugh". I have made a note to bring this up with Gavin Lennon, minister for umbrellas, when he next pokes me on Facebook.

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