Thursday, 19 February 2009

Imitation and flattery

I suppose there is no higher compliment than to have one's blog parodied, albeit in a slightly amateurish sixth form humour kind of way. It has been pointed out to me that a certain fictional character Stephen Bubb has been spoofing my own thoughts with a joke blog at Bubb's blog. Most of it is pretty lame or harmless (Bubb's village is Charlbury and his dog is called Sparkles, for example - can you see what they did there?) but there are some real comedy moments, absolute "you couldn't make it up" stuff. I take it all in good humour of course, us CEOs have to evolve thicker skins than most in our line of work. One small criticism, however. The spoofer needs to pay more attention to spelling - may I suggest the spell check function?


  1. Brilliant Blog! All power to your elbow!

  2. Just alerted to your blog by your imitater... but please don't suggest Mr Bubb uses spell-check - it makes his blog all the more fun of a read ("what IS that word supposed to be...!").
    Keep it up but please don't be too cryptic - after reading all these blogs it could be too difficult to figure out...