Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow worries

Apologies for the delay in posting. I started the blog with good intentions of updating frequently but such is teh life of umbrella advocacy that it isn't always easy. Coupled with the fact that I dropped the trusty Blackberry ironically into an apple crumble over the weekend and it needed to be cleaned of custard before it would work has meant silence but that does not indicate sloth.

Last week saw me struggling with the sheer bloody mindedness of the BBC in its ridiculous decsion not to air an appeal on behalf of British umbrellas caught up in the Israeli Palestine dispute. I will fight for the rights of my members wherever they are in the world and the BBC's statement that by supporting the appeal it may be compromising its impartiality due to umbrellas being caught up in acts of violence when carelessly wielded by Palestinians (hence the term "Eyeless in Gaza") was frankly ridiculous. And I told Mark so whe he rang me up.

The weekend was spent in Blacbury catching up with friends and taking Barkles for long walks, while ruminating over our strategic plan - more on this in future posts.

There were two emotions upon opening the curtains on Monday morning. One was the sheer force of poetry brought on by the sight of the church and the trees draped in crisp white snowy splendour. The other was despair as I realised I would struggle to get into London for a parliamentary reception hosted by James where I was going to outline my vision for the role of umbrellas in the back to work plans.

I decided to make the most of the winter weather and spent a day trudging around. Snow is no friend of my members. They don't really feel useful in the face of a blizzard but I did see a few around the town, struggling gamely with the cold and being hit with snowballs thrown by youths - a bit demeaning really but indicative of the yob culture that sadly pervades even Blacbury. I hope the snow has cleared tomorrow as I have a number of important meetings.

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