Wednesday, 25 February 2009

A load of bankers

We all know that rich overpaid banking numskulls are to blame for the perilous state of the global economy. Yet the government continues to regard these twonks as financial geniuses and so appoints them to sort out the mess they created in the first place. What particularly angers me is that they have dragged the humble umbrella into the whole shambles. Consider Bradford and Bingley. Its public face used to be two bowler hatted chaps carrying umbrellas - the very symbol of trust and decency that encapsulated our faith in the banking system. Now they might as well be clad in hooded tops, and carrying knives with Asbos stuffed in the back pockets of their oversized jeans.

Robert Frost once remarked sagely that banks were the sort of institution that would lend a man an umbrella on a sunny day and want it back when it started to rain. How extra true his words seem now.

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