Thursday, 26 February 2009

The right brolly for the job

There is a definite knack in matching the right umbrella to the right person. Not only must one consider the shelter-worthiness of your gamp, but you also need to think about your lifestyle, job and position in society before making your choice. Sometimes it helps to have some professional advice and we at BUBB are very fortunate to be able to call on the expertise of our corporate supporter Donald Holding, umbrella guru extraordinaire, and his team at umbrella matching specialists, Spokespools. They don't come cheap but are worth the investment if you really are serious about getting the right umbrella for the job. (There you go Donald, I promised you a free plug but don't tell anyone, I wouldn't want any accusations of cronyism again!!).

Yesterday lunchtime is spent at some crappy little church near our offices in North Pimlico for the Ash Wednesday ritual. I don't really believe in God and stuff - a good solid umbrella is all the spiritual assistance and shelter I need in life - but sometimes it is better to be safe than sorry. I spend a long time considering what I will give up for Lent and decide that a few weeks without my favourite rhubarb and custard sweets wouldn't do my teeth any harm.

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