Sunday, 30 October 2011

Spending my retirement from blogging not blogging from Australia

How long can I string this trip to Oz out for and not blog about it? Even the Queen has pissed off back home. I reckon I can stay here until Australia is a Republic or at least until King Charles turns up. Hector? Keep up the good work in my absence


  1. Well , Quantas are helping! I was due out on Saturday but no luck. Now in airport at Singapore. But I shall be back!

  2. It was disappointing to learn of your decision to close down the blog as "the real CEO of the NHS" does need to have his pomposity pricked regularly.
    I had assumed that the current difficulties with aeroplane journeys might have led the involuntary knight to come back by the same method as so many Brits had gone to Aus in the past - by a "£10 assisted passage" - room service extra. It used to take about 5 weeks, and that would have put him off the canape circuit until the time when tradition demands that they are replaced by dodgy mince pies - now that would have been a welcome early Christmas present.