Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Retiring from retiring?

It's a pity I have retired from blogging or else I'd be having a lovely time in Australia, thinking up some "tasteless digs" to have at people without thick skin.


  1. Dear Sir Robin,
    I am greatly saddened to read of your decision to end your days of blogging. Twitter is no proper substitute ! Your insight was a very useful thorn in the side, bursting the pompous egos that feed on our sector. Feathering their own nests at the expense of those who do the day to day work in delivering support and services in the sector.
    No comment from Sir S then on the Philip Blond story from last weekend ? or is he seen to be a role model for how CEO's should behave. Or is he one of the thin skinned ones who shouldn't be commented on ?
    I shall miss the opportunity to support your views. The court jesters always served a useful purpose in keeping the King grounded - Sir S may only be a knight, though he aspires and craves more, but he certainly needs to be taken down a peg or two every so often. Sadly that will not happen now.
    Sir Bumble of Heep

  2. Oh Robin, I have given you so much to write on in Australia......as I was saying to President Zuma......

  3. You're sure it was President Zuma, are you? Only you seem to think that Kevin Rudd is Prime Minister of Australia. You'll have to try a bit harder if you want anyone to think of your funny old Bubb persona as being in any way cutting edge.

  4. I think Sir Stephen misses me more than most. Perhaps he doesn't know just how far over the line he has gone without someone pointing it out to him. Heaven forbid he should underestimate what he can get away with and miss some perks.

    And Sir Bumble, thanks for your comments. I am sure there are others plenty qualified to comment on such things. Yet, let's not forget that 2.5 years of me doing so has made sod all difference. Sir Stephen seems to revel in it. It's another perk I guess.

    PS Amun - Isn't Gough Whitlam still Aussie PM? Or is it Captain Cook? As long as it's not a woman.