Thursday, 20 October 2011

Resting my weary blog

I can't sustain it any more. As much as I try and travel to as many spurious gasbag gatherings in exotic global locations (this week it is Perth, Australia for some Commonwealth themed excuse) or pimp my loan shark business to BUBB members despite clearly undertaking to keep the 2 roles distinct, my spoofer Sir Stephen Bubb is always one step ahead of me.

Therefore I am taking a rest from blogging though I will still be sharing my nuggets of brolly wisdom on Twitter at @robinbogg


  1. Sir Robin, I trust this will only be temporary? We'll miss your insights greatly.

  2. Sir Robin,
    Even I will miss your 'insights' but won't miss some of your tasteless digs at those colleagues of mine who may not have the thick skin that I have.

  3. Thank you Alex. And Sir Stephen. Which colleagues do you mean? I never intended to be tasteless - a bit silly sometimes, maybe - and thought most comments about other Acevo staff/sector people were clearly jocular and in the context of the wider blog. I have only ever meant to pinpoint what I consider hypocrisy or damaging agendas in the interests of the largely great work most people do for umbrellas (you included). Unless you meant political colleagues. They can more than look after themselves. And are the people who really need "insights" to be given on.