Saturday, 23 May 2009


Sorry about the last post. I can't see a bloody thing at the minute after my eye operation (I am dictating these words to Fab Jobsworth who is typing them into my Blackberry) but I was so bored I tried to do a quick blog even though I am supposed to be resting. Apparently it came out as complete gibberish. So no change there.

AND I am completely furious with my deputy Hector Rule. I am told that he posted something last night pretending to by me. He must have guessed my password (Oxford, naturally) and logged on to my account. I will deal with his insubordination when I am out of hospital (I may send him to talk to our Irish and Scottish counterparts as a punishment) but for now, for the record, I refute everything Hector said in my name, especially the bit about sending a Xmas card to Hubert Carrington.

Fab. Fab. Stop looking at the nurses and concentrate. Fab. Did you hear me? Are you getting all of this down? Yes? Good.

Right, where was I. Oh yes, Hector's fake post. Rest assured that when my eyesight has recovered I will be up and running as normal, indeed the rest period may give me greater gusto to pursue my obsessions. OK Fab, that's enough. Can you go and get me a lilt please?

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