Sunday, 19 April 2009

Seeking talent

Saturday nights are definite "must stay in" now that the peerless Britain's Got Talent is back on air. There is nothing that resonates more with Robin Bogg than watching a load of mediocre, self-deluded egotists desperately trying to eke out a career. And that's just the judges. My only gripe is the lack of umbrella action. Up and down the land there are some quite splendid acts doing things with brollies, be it fantastic umbrella jugglers, those who can balance umbrellas on the end of their nose or the macabre but strangely alluring Gamp Gimp, an escapology act in one of Blackpool's less mainstream clubs.

However, my watching of this series has been ruined by the latest ITV1 self promotion advert. Has anyone seen it? Some children are ambling along a deserted sandy beach and it is gloomy and raining. So far, so inoffensive. Then one of them takes a stone and hurls it skywards, thus puncturing the cloud canopy and letting sunshine flood through the gap, I suppose alluding to the light and joy that ITV programming very rarely offers.

But it is the bit that happens after this that has got my not inconsiderable goat. The boy just casually tosses his umbrella aside. He has no use for it anymore so abandons it. But he is a fool. The sun won't last forever and when it rains again he'll regret his hasty waste.

It is mightily irresponsible for a mainstream broadcaster to take such a cavalier attitude to the plight of brollies and I shall be writing to someone high up about this immediately.

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