Friday, 17 April 2009

Putting the twit into twitter

Nu media....I can't get enough of it. Although initially sceptical of blogging and twitter I have now embraced them with a passion bordering on the clinically obsessive. Blogging gives me a chance to churn out my thoughts to a wider audience instantly, including those that really should stay private.

And for anyone who hasn't tried twitter, I urge you to get with the programme, man. Where else can you inanely tell the world about what you are up to every minute of the day? If it rains, and I open my umbrella in defiance, you'll know about it. So I look forward to seeing you all following me avidly.

I have always been an early adapter of new technology. 8 track cartridge, Betamax, Acorn computer....Robin Bogg bought 'em all. But it is the nu media stuff that really shapes the pre-post-recession world we are currently cowering in. It may be a 24/7 police state with CCTV on every corner and Google recording every time we take a shit in the privacy of our own bathrooms. But it works both ways and the jackboot is on the other foot (or baton in the other hand) when footage taken by the public and posted on the interweb can expose those appointed to serve.

But that doesn't mean that I am happy about footage of me pinching Hubert Carrington's pudding at a BUBB dinner a few year's ago suddenly appearing on YouTube, thus making a mockery of my frequent denials about the incident at the time. What this new culture of surveillance means is that we all have to be on our guard. By all means act inappropriately but don't get caught. And certainly whatever you do, don't admit to bad behaviour in your blog.

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