Monday, 11 June 2012

Abandoned in the pub by Cameron

Well, how embarrassing. As you may know, David Cameron is my local MP in Blacbury. I often see him out and about - riding someone else's horse in Lidl, for example - and am never shy of giving him some advice on running the country. Some of which, unfortunately, he has heeded.

A couple of months ago I bumped into him on Sunday lunchtime at the pub. I sat down with him and his family, uninvited, and started haranguing him about the brolly tax nonsense. After a couple of hours of this I ducked off to the toilet for 15 minutes. When I got back to the table he had done a runner! Just left me there. Heartless.

It could have been worse. His daughter Nancy had been badgering him to buy her a Hannah Montana umbrella and he left her in the pub as well when she went for a wee. He now claims he had just forgotten her as he was "too chillaxed" but I know the truth. It's just lucky for her he hadn't taken her to Amnesty International where she may have become falsely imprisoned in their toilets like I did once.

As you might expect the press are making a right fuss about it, ignoring his treatment of me and focusing on the 8 year old. Mind you, it is Nancy I feel sorry for in all of this. Poor girl. They came back for her. Another embarrassing u-turn from Cameron.

The Tory faithful and Etonian elite will be disgusted with Cameron. Where was the au pair? Though it does at least provide evidence of a government move away from being a nanny state. And the pub has now launched a "government approved toilet creche".

I bet Cameron regrets asking Derek Gherkins to defend him earlier. “Not only are these families destroying their own life chances, they are destroying the life chances of these children.” And what troubled families really need is Derek "I never let my pasties go cold" Gherkins giving them advice. Though I do hope Cameron won't be too embarrassed to go to the new parenting classes the government is proposing.

In all seriousness, the media are trivialising a minor story here. What everyone really needs to know is whether Cameron had a pasty for his lunch (he did. Well, I say pasty. More beef wellington). If only there was a way the government could leak an amusing non-story to deflect attention from what Osborne may say at Leveson later today.

In all seriousness (and I mean it this time) if only there was as much fuss about the children Cameron's actions will really affect. And perhaps he should admit to being distraught at leaving George Osborne unattended in a pub for 15 minutes a couple of months ago to write his Budget.

My old mate Tony Blair would never have let his family become involved in a "child/booze" related embarrassment and I will finish with a piece of advice for Cameron. If he wants someone to take care of his daughter I can recommend headhunter guru DONALD HOLDING. Not because he is a childcare expert but because I haven't plugged him shamelessly in the blog for a while.

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  1. Well they say that history is written by the victors - so a large pinch of salt is often required - but for Sir S to say that Tessa Shakey-Chops can be credited (blamed) for bringing the Olympics to London is perhaps a laughable step too far !! Ask Seb Coe what he thinks of that !

    Next you will be telling me that Harriet Harman & Margaret Hodge are really interested in the views of the electorate and give straightforward answers when interviewed plus they retain their original hair colour !!

    Sorry to have to once again shoot down Sir S's "careful" research but HM has seen off 12 Prime Ministers so far and is now on her 13th !!
    He is way behind the times in thinking it was just 11.

    Are you sure about those Eric Gill Pics ? his work looks a bit dodgy to me - not sure if this is before or after the wedding service ? - better check with the Bishop !,r:11,s:27,i:259

    Would I be right in thinking that he was up in Oxford sniffing around for any appropriate jobs that might be coming up for next term ?
    If so her's a helping hand on the vacancies available !
    Get that glass cleaning cloth washed and ready !

    Toodle Pip !

    Sir Bumble of Heep.