Thursday, 19 April 2012

Wet and windy

I see my spoofer Sir Stephen Bubb is goading me by blogging about wet and windy weather, which I happen to love as long as it isn't too windy. Or wet.

Wet and windy. Sums up beautifully the mood in the umbrella sector as we survey the wreck of the "Bogg Society" idea. Wet means that more shelter is needed than ever, but efforts to provide it are being hampered by the strong winds of incompetent government threatening to destroy many hard working brollies.

The row over gamp relief and rich umbrella owners rumbles on. We are told there will be consultation. Woopty fucking do. When the Budget was announced it was stated that the proposals would be subject to consultation. So what are we now offered? The same. Consultation. Despite the compelling evidence that the damage has been done and the rich are already cutting back on the shelter they offer the poor. And consultation is all very well. But have they announced a launch party? Have they bollocks. Amateur.

I've been to one of these famed consultations before. I stormed out over umbrella gift aid a couple of years ago as I didn't get my own way and the lunch was rubbish. It became clear the main purpose of the exercise was window dressing and being seen to listen when in reality it was a done deal. The government always packs these things with people they know agree with them. So I would not be surprised when they set up this new consultation to see Milly Coinfee and Mervyn Naredowell, both supporters of the government's position, on the invite list.

This sort of thing would never happen with the NHS consultation, for example, where I, a vocal supporter of competition was appointed chair of the panel on competition in a listening exercise that was all for show and had no effect upon the pre-determined priorities of the government when the Bill was published. Completely different.

But to be clear; if HMT think they can drown opposition in a sultry summer shower then they can think again. They have roused the wrath of a strong and influential sector. We will overturn this nonsense, I am sure of it, and you can also be sure that if we do I will be at the forefront of claiming the credit.

In other news, I hear that there are suggestions the House of Lords should relocate to Manchester. This is excellent. No one loves a bit of regional tokenism more than me and I would be more than happy to pop up North a couple of times a year and show my face for the sake of appearances. It's what some of the Lords do in London, after all.

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  1. Hello err... hello ?? is anyone out there still listening ?? Just wondered if any one might have seen the Bubb campaign about the Health Service Lottery pass by ? It seems to have disappeared somewhere !! Suppose it was a bit of a non starter really ( see later reference to Boat Race also)
    Or was it overtaken by other "Campaigns" to put the world to rights ? I see that he has now admitted that the "Big Society " idea is a load of "Sparkles" pavement deposits, so it can't be that distracting him, thought it might be the Health Service review maybe - but no that has died a death too so can't be that.
    What was the last bandwagon that went past - oh yes the gift aid tax issue - that must be occupying him this week.
    Might be something different next week though.
    Lovely pic of him from the Boat Race dinner "oaring " his family out yet again for a bit more social climbing - worse than creeping ivy !
    Bet he was on the sidelines calling out " come back Fenton " or sorry should that be "Trenton"
    Still both were pretty ineffectual !!

    Sir Bumble of Heep.