Monday, 30 April 2012

Umbrella Commission

How dare an independent regulator not act outside of its remit and not display independence on the tax relief row. When I say independence I mean speak out on the side I support.

We need a properly independent body that isn't afraid to do what I do and say bollocks to truth and speak bollocks to power. Unless it's about the support of the umbrella sector for the NHS reforms of course.

I know I am in serious danger of completely misunderstanding the job of a regulator, who I haven't been afraid of pillorying in the past for doing too much regulating when they looked at some of my own possible breaches of regulation, but we need a body who can regulate and stand up to government while not regulating if that suits me better. We also need them to make the tea, wash the dishes, dust the shelves and solve world hunger, all on reduced funding.

Such independence could be achieved when appointing a successor to Dame Luci Vinyl as chair in the summer by using an independent appointments committee - which by astonishing coincidence is exactly the type of body I have recently become an assessor for. But even I haven't got the chutzpah to go further and suggest that such a committee could then use the services of a headhunter to secure the right candidate. A headhunter such as, oooh I don't know, off the top of my head, DONALD HOLDING.

If I was being really cynical and reading between the lines I might even be accused of putting myself forward for the job. Or at least helping to create a situation where I may be headhunted by someone tasked by an independent appointments committee. Quite independently of course.


  1. By the way did anyone notice that BCTV have changed their over-long an taxing (whoops ! sorry for mentioning the "tax" word!) acronym for the far shorter and much more memorable CTV.
    Thank goodness for that, I was finding life so difficult before they did that.
    Not perhaps wishing to sound a little less "Jingoistic" by dropping the word "British" are they ? but that might be a cynical view so I won't express it.
    Perhaps if they had inserted the word "initiative" and called themselves the CiTV the would have been have gained kudos by being associated with that wonderful children's tv channel of the same name and gained far more hits on their website - just a thought !
    Good to know that Sir Stephen was able to help them out by laying a couple of logs for them - doing his bit to spread his doings around the sector as usual !

    Toodle pip for now !

    Sir Bumble of Heep.

  2. BREAKING: CEO of organisation with 5 letter abbreviated organisation title criticises 4 letter abbreviated title of member organisation for being too long shock