Thursday, 4 August 2011

A new mophead at Brolly Investment!

After headhunting guru Donald Holding (who else?) who has no personal connection with me whatsoever spent literally minutes thumbing through a few CVs and working out which one gave him the biggest commission potential we have appointed Donovan Wingdings as new chief executive of Brolly Investment Business. This was mainly because by having the same first name as the previous incumbent it makes things a bit easier (it's lucky we didn't end up with the Mellow Yellow troubadour. Or child molesting pop impresario Donovan Kong) and he does seem to know about finance and things (not that I would know) though the fact he didn't go to Oxford, naturally, will doubtless come back to haunt us.

Until Donovan MkII starts in September it is left to me to constantly bang the drum for brolly lending to all of my members whether it is appropriate for them or not and with no apparent conflict of interest between my two distinct roles as chair of BIB and CEO of BUBB.


  1. Sir Robin,
    I am becoming increasingly worried by Sir Stephen's megalomania,his delusions of grandeur have always been bad but they do seem to be getting even worse with each passing blog !
    Does he really think that the nation is there holding it's breath waiting for him to spout "His" views on Radio 4 in the morning. Might be better if he was presenting the views of the membership that he is paid to represent ! Problem there though he would actually have to ask them what their views were first ! At least the journos had the sense to picket the BBC the other week and prevent him getting on air.
    Why is it that he is so fixated on health issues ? Yes it is a large part of the sector's work but it isn't all of it and I wonder how the other "wonderful" colleagues who were on his recent little NHS project feel about him claiming that it is "His" report ?? I think he should forget it and move on, Mr.Cameron obviously has !
    Perhaps it is the shock of having to move out of New OXFORD Street and head for Canal Street that is pushing him over the edge ? Probably worried that only greasy spoon caffs up there and a distinct lack of fine dining on the doorstep, plus a longer journey on the Northern Line !!
    Remember Noblesse Oblige old boy, Noblesse Oblige !
    Sir Bumble of Heep.

  2. He's an old labour dinosuar that's been trying with reasonable success to re-invent himself in the past 40 years. So he was surcharged as a lambeth councillor in the 1970s and clearly hasn't learnt his lesson since then in respect of his views on government cuts. I guess he's never had responsibility to make these difficult decisions other than we he fouled up all those years ago

  3. But this should be no surprise.

    The third sector attracts many like Bubb - those who would be unable to survive in the private or public sectors and prefer to shout loudly as a 'big' fish in what is, let's be honest, a fairly small pond. Mostly they make little real difference to society, as they have little control over actual 'activity' (unlike many great leaders in the sector who do, through developing and driving real change).

    It would appear that Bubb hasn't the first idea how to run a decent-sized organisation (which is, after all, how positive impacts are actually made to large numbers of people). Bubb is clearly an intelligent guy, it's just a shame that his own voice is the one he prefers to listen to most.

    I do, however, have even less sympathy for those leaders in the third sector who ARE making a difference and who allow people like Bubb to get away with what he does (he is, after all, merely the most annoying).
    Often this is because the leaders in the sector are;
    a) young and inexperienced (and maybe fearful of speaking out) but who should still speak their mind and think about what brought them into the sector in the first place, or
    b) because they have chosen the sector as a soft option for a second career after a career elsewhere (from both private and public sectors) and have little loyalty to the sector as a whole and don't want to rock the boat (making them as culpable as Bubb).

    Maybe I'm wrong, and having Bubb as a poster boy for the sector will inspire other like-minded people to follow in his footsteps, and maybe, just maybe, one of those self-interested folks will actually make a real difference one day...