Wednesday, 29 February 2012

So much competition it is literally beginning to hurt

This whole health service bill has been wonderful. Never mind the fierce arguments raging on the battleground of ideology, the impassioned debates about an incredibly emotive and vital issue that goes to the very core of our society. That's all mere trifle to the main pudding here.

It has right boosted my profile.

I am being mentioned in places I would never previously have had exposure in. In what can be painted as a struggle between the left and the right I have somehow managed to unite both sides of the political spectrum.

Competition in the NHS? It's a great thing and never better illustrated than by the race from all sides to ridicule me in print.

After Crispin Shitts' nonsense in the Fail the other day, now the Morning Star has come out and called me an "ever eager privatiser" and one of Cameron's "NHS vandals".

This is brilliant. While as a brollinger bolshevik the Morning Star is a little bit too pint of bitter for me it illustrates just how far my fame is spreading. In fact if I get pulled any further in different directions I may need to see a doctor.

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