Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Health worries

I almost regret offering to write MY report on competition in the NHS for Dave. The amount of abuse and hassle it has caused is definitely bad for my health. As I keep saying, competition is not a dirty word. Arsetwattingcockwittedegotism is. But not competition. Competition should be encouraged in the NHS. Unless that principle is extended to rational debate in which case opponents of what I say should be silenced or slagged off. Take note Shirley Williams.

Fortunately the plus side of being invited to Number 10 yesterday to schmooooooooze far outweighs the negative reaction I have had from people, including BUBB members who are questioning my integrity by assuming to speak on behalf of all umbrellas in this debate, even those who disagree with the NHS reforms because of the adverse reaction it will have on their beneficiaries.

The meeting yesterday was called by David Cameron and was about marmite. Only people who love marmite were invited. Their views were then taken as evidence that everyone loves marmite.

As Cameron said afterwards "there are a few myths we need to bust about the NHS. Such as the one about us saying we'd preserve it."

Still it could be worse. Pity the health of the poor sods who attended an evening with Sir Robin Bogg in Kent at the weekend, back in the village I was born in. Yes, that's not a typo - I am Kent through and through, so much so that people often shout Kent at me as I walk down the street. While meeting up with relatives I was able to display my amazing capacity for hypocrisy by accepting champagne from one of the bankers I routinely lay into on my blog. Probably paid for by the bonuses I decry. Gampagne socialism once again.

Perhaps I should give up talking about health service issues for Lent for the good of my health. What I won't be giving up is all of the cosy lunches I keep being invited to. Or my traditional sanctimonious blog post about what I am giving up for Lent followed by some guff about heading to a church on Ash Wednesday to get my forehead smudged. I haven't written it yet but rest assured I will. Or if you can't wait then just look back at the last 458 years on my blog as it won't change much I expect.

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