Thursday, 5 March 2009

Loving the recession

I don't think I have ever been busier than since when this recession lark started. Be it lobbying for exorbitant sums of cash from government to support umbrellas, giving speeches or having my thoughts published in the press, Robin Bogg has not shied away from what is important in these tough times - promoting Robin Bogg.

Why only this week I gave a sermon at an event hosted by a big accountancy firm - I won't say which one but they are among the top 37 in the UK so know their onions. They too are loving the opportunities presented by the recession, what with it being an excuse to trim lazier staff and rake in those lucrative receivership appointments.

Coincidentally, one of my sisters, Laura (not to be confused with Sonia who still hasn't got her book on teaching perfected despite 12 attempts and whose dim son, Kieran, is reading media studies at Newport) works at said accountancy firm as a cleaner so I take the opportunity to remind her boss that she is due promotion and a new mop.

BUBB has also just launched its recession support website. What is unique about this is that we have opened access to everyone, not just members. To share expertise to the benefit of all in umbrella land is a radical departure for us as we usually like the closed shop mentality. Some will say that they don't know why we didn't think of this before, sharing knowledge, working closely with rivals etc, but rest assured, when the smoke clears and the economy is back on track, we'll go back to our petty fiefdoms and territorial disputes.

But for now these are indeed tough times and the more we can show that we, by which I mean me, are working hard at self-promotion the better.

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