Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Leadership tussles

Oh, here we go again. Brolly sodding Weekly is raking up the old rivalry between BUBB and the National Canopy and Visor Organisation (NCVO). They have run a story saying that disagreements between us ultimately led to the government pulling the funding plug on the umbrella leadership centre based at the Len Ganley Management College.

It's all nonsense of course. True, we did fundamentally and secretly disagree about the direction of the initiative but that is to be expected when two high powered representative bodies are jockeying for position. There are several holes in the story that show it must be rubbish. Firstly, it mentions some correspondence that was unearthed through a freedom of information request. Now we all know that nothing remotely useful or interesting comes from one of them. Anything of any value is blocked for some reason or another.

Secondly, the story mentions attempts by my deputy, Hector Rule, to engage with NCVO on this. Does Brolly Weekly really think that I would delegate such important squabbling to an, admittedly capable, underling? Of course not. I would be right there at the front, leading the charge in the interests of BUBB.

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