Monday, 14 May 2012

Silver BUBBilee

Oooh, hark at me, I have been all over the papers like a bad metaphorical cliche after my lecture on forgotten umbrellas in Britain. Although we have had some blissful wet weather recently there are still many umbrellas that are not realising their full potential as government cuts continue to bite.

Still, I don't let that get in the way of BUBB's 25th anniversary celebrations where I laud our great membership (even though they can be a pain in the arse sometimes what with wanting to be properly represented and stuff) in the week where it has been revealed that our membership is declining. And we have had to make 3 staff redundant. But never mind eh? I am still here. Though I wonder if my trustees were dropping a hint when quizzing me about exit interviews earlier...

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  1. 'Elllo 'Ello What's going on here then ?
    I see that the spoofer Sir Stephen has changed his background to a "Regal Red" with shades of Pugin in the design.
    Is he implying that he has -(or thinks he should have more like!) gained his seat on the red benches ?
    Has he managed to creep enough to his fellow Committee members who are responsible for such things to get his letter in advance of the June Birthday Honours list - Hopefully not HM has enough gruesome tasks to complete this year without enobling him.
    Mind you if he doesn't get in there soon it will probably be a mainly elected chamber and he won't get in then as you would have to be "popular" and he stands no chance of that accolade !

    Interesting figures from the Annual Report - so he has managed to bump up his salary by around 20% over the past few years - whilst actually swanning off from the day job to do other things more and more often - nice work if you can get it !! (also probably bumps up the final pension figure) whilst others are being made redundant or tightening their belts.
    One wonders at times how much control of the organisation the Trustees have - or are they all dazzled by the (supposed) reflected glory ? Hope they managed to claw some cash back from the DoH for the time he wasted there - but probably not !
    Never mind weddings now being inverse to funerals - I think his return on investment in the organisation v rewards has been in an inverse position for a very long time now !
    Perhaps he is hoping that he can base himself at the HoL and avoid the move north of Marylebone Road as it will just be too desolate to be that far out of town.

    Sir Bumble of Heep.